This post is dedicated to my parents, without them I would be nothing.

      If you know me you may be thinking, when are you ever those things?.. I’m pretty sure you’re shy and goody two shoes. HA. I can sense my parents smirking already, just ask them and they’ll tell you I’m all those things and more. I can easily make fun of myself and I never truly take myself seriously because I was raised that way. I’ve always lived in a household where laughter fills 98% of our day. The remaining 2% is for other emotions that we can laugh about shortly after. For the longest time, I was never able to hold a serious conversation with my parents because it always ended up being lighthearted and funny. That’s the way we are and I would never change it.

      That being said, I truly appreciate them both and I don’t think there will ever be enough words to tell them how much they mean to me. However, since I’m better with writing than saying my feelings out loud, this is my attempt to communicate my gratitude.

      Dear Mama and Papa,

      I know I am not a perfect daughter and sometimes I cause you more headaches than necessary. I’m really sorry. I know I don’t say it enough (shy type kasi ako haha) but I really do love you guys and I can never repay you for what you do for me. Some days are harder than others, some days we don’t agree. Due to my persistent and determined nature, I will probably always push for what I believe to be true which may cause you some pain, but do know that I listen to everything you say and take it to heart. I strive to make you proud everyday and though I may stumble and make mistakes I know I will be able to learn from them. You raised someone strong and tenacious and even in the greatest challenges I promise to never abscond because I owe it to you to survive. Please don’t worry as I grow older, gain independence, and fly a little further from home because part of my heart always stays put, and it’s with you. I’m sorry that I make you sad and disappointed sometimes also, I’m very sorry that I spend your money (haha). I promise that one day you will live without worries because I will be the one spoiling you like there’s no tomorrow. I ask that you let me experience new things and allow me to fall because with what I have learned from you I will always be able to pick myself back up and never hesitate to ask you for help if needed. You always tell me that I act so young for my age. I guess half the time I don’t mean to but the other half I do, since growing up means getting old and I fear the day I lose you. Though for now, I will use the time we have to make you happy.

      Without your inspiration and support, I will never be able to get through life. You are forever my rock.

      All my love,