Hi there,

      My name is Marzia and you stumbled upon my small corner of the internet. This project began as a simple portfolio site, but eventually I realized that I have been needing more of a creative outlet. As a result of countless brainstorming sessions, I decided on a visual diary that combines all my passions.

      Before you go on exploring, here’s a quick attempt to introduce myself: 

      I was born and raised in the Philippines but we moved to Canada when I was 9. I am currently a student but if you can’t find me on campus I’m probably on location capturing memories. And if the photographer route still hasn’t led you to me, I’m probably on the road searching for a new adventure.

      This blog is divided into three categories: Journal, Postcards, and Lifestyle.

      The Journal is for my overflow of thoughts and musings. The Postcards are for my travels and adventures. The Lifestyle is for my photographs and everything in between (aka when I can’t decide). I hope something stands out to you during your visit. Thanks for stopping by, see you later.