Hello Sunshine! First stop on this wonderful Philippine trip is Gaspar Island in Marinduque. It’s a short motorboat ride from my hometown and although I lived there for nine years of my life, I was never able to visit. This small yet charming paradise is surrounded by clear aqua water and very few tourists.

      Now you may be wondering, why the flip flops? The island mainly has large corals instead of fine sand so stepping on them is not the most comfortable. But the water is so refreshing to swim in so you’ll quickly forget the lack of sand.

      Despite the photos looking like they were taken midday, they were actually taken around 7:45 am. To avoid sunburn and the extreme heat, we headed to the seaside to board the boat at around 6 am. That way we had a few hours for swimming before the sun became unbearably hot. The water was the perfect temperature regardless of the time.

      Swimsuit: Forever 21 Hat: Charming Charlie Sunglasses: Sunnies Philippines

      There were a few of these small huts along the water to leave your stuff when you go swimming, a place to eat at, or to just sit and relax with a puppy or some friends. Say hello to the little doggo I met there.