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      Missed the Concert? Don’t worry, I have the VIP front row experience just for you.

      I had the incredible opportunity to shoot for the Star Magic 25 Concert here in Vancouver. Despite all the awkward positions to get the perfect shot and all the injuries I obtained from the highly energetic crowd, it was worth it. This was the first time I shot solo with my dad (EMSager Photography) and what an experience indeed. Thank you so much TFC and Star Magic! Here are some of my favourite snaps from that night.

      Piolo Pascual, The Ultimate Leading Man

      Gear Overview: I shot with my favourite Canon 6D (it’s great for lowlight) and my “big girl lens” the 72-200mm. My hands were shaking after holding it for 4 hours but no pain, no gain right?

      Sam Milby, Rockoustic Heartthrob
      King of the Gil and Darren Espanto
      My Faves: Kimxi
      Jodi Sta Maria and Arci Munoz

      When you get carried by the sea of fans and Liza comes over. I wish I could have changed my settings but there was no wiggle room where I was at this point. Enrique followed and we held hands. Gosh I told him not to do that while I was working, but the boy is unstoppable. Yes. I got my happily ever after #MarQuen.

      The End. Bye Liza.

      Just Kidding. Love you LizQuen.